Friday 3rd May 2019

Matrix downtime for database cleanup, scheduled 3 years ago

Yesterday night we have blocked some of the biggest rooms on our server that were barely used (by 5 people total) but taking enormous amount of space on the database. Therefore we are going to nuke those rooms out of our server since they won't be used anymore. On Saturday night (about 23:00 - CEST) we will start the procedure. It might take long while (hours) so please be patient.

Also in case you are using please start migrating to On 1st June we will disabled so if you use end-to-end encryption migrate your keys before it's too late.

Note! Affected and no more accessible rooms are:

  • #rust - !
  • #rust-beginners - !
  • ##8chan - !
  • Haskell - !
  • Linux Master Race - !

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